The Learning Design and ESD Bootcamp Call will be launched on Monday 4th October 2021.

The Bootcamp will be open to English and Spanish speakers from any educational institutions around the world. The Bootcamp will start in February 2022.

The Bootcamp in 2022 will focus not only on supporting university teams in curriculum design for online and blended learning delivery but also in guiding and supporting the teams selected in the design and implementation of Education for Sustainable Development in their curriculums supported by the CoDesignS ESD Toolkit.

As stated in the UNESCO Learn for our planet report (2021): “The way we currently live is not sustainable. Urgent change is needed, but lasting change is impossible without education.”

The Learning Design and Education for Sustainable Development Bootcamp will bring together experts and mentors in the three pillars identified in the CoDesignS ESD Toolkit:


  • Key Competencies for Sustainability that are relevant to all SDGs (UNESCO, 2017) and have been classified under: Ways of Thinking, Ways of Practicing and Ways of Being in the recent ESD guidelines published by the QAA and Advance HE (2021).
  • Specific Learning Objectives for the SDGs targeting the cognitive, socio-emotional and cognitive domains to engage students in a transformative educational experience (Sipos et al., 2008; Cotton & Winter, 2010).
  • Transformative Pedagogies and Teaching Methods delivered online or in a blended learning fashion that support participation and collaboration, problem-orientation, inter and transdisciplinarity and the linking of formal and informal learning (UNESCO, 2017).


The Learning Design and ESD Bootcamp will be delivered in English and Spanish in 2022. We are honoured to have the American University of Sharjah co-hosting the Bootcamp in English with The Open University and Anglia Ruskin University in parallel with UNESCO IESALC hosting the Bootcamp in Spanish

For information about the Spanish Learning Design and ESD Bootcamp visit the UNESCO IESALC website


Learning Design and ESD Bootcamp 2022 - Hosts


We’re looking for Mentors with experience in Learning Design and/or Education for Sustainable Development. Learn more about the role of the Bootcamp Mentors and the expected time commitments. (NOTE: The call for mentors is now closed).


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