Learning Design Bootcamp

The Learning Design Bootcamp provides an intensive four months programme for Learning Technologists and academics  engaging in the design and development of a 15 or 30 credit module of their choice.

The Bootcamp aims to target 3-6 teams. A team represents a university and requires one or two Learning Technologists and an academic from the same institution. The teams will be supported on-the- job by mentors and coaches in the design and development of their module following the CoDesigns Learning Design Framework.

What will the Bootcamp involve?

The Bootcamp will start with an intensive day at the beginning of the Bootcamp and another intensive day at the end. At least one member of the team (Learning Technologist or academic) will have to commit to attend both days. During the Bootcamp, the teams will design and development their modules supported remotely by their mentors with clear deadlines.White logo - no background

At the end of the Bootcamp, the teams will attend a final day in which they will present their final designs, as well as the final module developed in their university’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or the VLE provided by our sponsors. Please note at least one member of each team will have to commit to be available to present their final designs during that final event at a London location.

A panel of experts will evaluate the final designs and developments. The best team will receive a prize.

The activities and experiences of the teams will be followed by the Bootcamp research committee members and documented. The findings after the Bootcamp will be shared at different Learning Technology forums including ALT-C 2019, ALT Online Winter Conference 2019, Advance HE, among others.

The teams are expected to provide feedback to the organising committee in relation to their involvement and experience in the programme.

The parallel research project will be governed by the ethics committee of one of the sponsor universities. Participants will have to agree to have their progress monitored and appraised, involving data collection, for the purposes detailed in the research ethics consent form to be provided at the beginning of the Bootcamp.

Why a Learning Design Bootcamp? 

The Learning Design Bootcamp aims to inspire and empower Learning Technologists, Learning Designers and academics from different disciplines to acquire a Learning Design mind-set, to communicate and connect with mentors and coaches, and finally to aspire for creating value and innovative Learning Design solutions for Higher Education institutions.

Is the Bootcamp free? 

The Bootcamp is free. The teams will need to cover their travelling and accommodation expenses. Student bursaries may be available depending on funding.

Would there be another Bootcamp in 2021?

The Learning Design team from The Open University will be in charge of managing the  Bootcamp 2021 under the direction of Dr Maria Toro-Troconis – Bootcamp Founder and Director.OU_logo

The Bootcamp Committee is planning to open the Call for proposals for 2021 by the end of the year. It is likely the launch of the Bootcamp at the beginning of 2021 will be online as well as the mentoring. We hope to be able to host the final meeting face to face in July 2021.

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